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About Me

Hi! I'm Julie-Anne ("Jewlz") Ellem. I founded Catalyst Plus in 2011 as a sophisticated business and accounting solution to take your Regional Business to the next profit level.  

I was the country girl who moved around the world forging my Chartered Accounting career in top 4 accounting firms as an auditor, forensic accountant and then as a high end finance executive in the advertising & design industry. I was used having access to thought leaders and high end advisors on a daily basis.

The saying, "you can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl" turned true for me. In my 30's I returned to regional NSW and in doing so, I couldn't figure out why accessing high quality, relevant business advice was so hard to find.  

I found hundreds of business advisors out there who claimed that their city based methodology would work in regional communities. But you and I both know that life is very different in Regional Australia. We needed someone who understood the growing pains of a big-and-growing company in a Regional setting.

So, I became that advisor. I work face to face with those business owners who are looking to work smarter not harder, and who want to keep more cash in their pockets. I'm also not an advocate to grow for growth sake, and focus on the profitability and lifestyle requirements our our clients.

My programs are 'done with you' rather than 'done for you' because, I strongly belive, if I can teach a man to fish, I've fed him for a lifetime.

Our Services


There is no point creating your business if you haven't first understood the 3 foundations of business. 

1. High quality, consistent product or service

2. Great Sales & Marketing

3. The right financial setup for your asset protection, cashflow maximisation and wealth generation goals

This is my 90 day boot camp program.



Our monthly Regional Business Update webinar is proving to be very popular with the time poor Regional Entrepreneur.

It's the quick how to guide on all new compliance aspects of running your small business from Single Touch Payroll, Small Business Instant write off, changes to gift cards, what the royal commission means for you plus some great interviews too!

Monthly subscription fee applies. Don't worry - if you miss the webinar, we'll send you a copy!

How It Works

Business growth without strong foundations, is like building your home on sand rather than bedrock. They say, if you're not growing, you're dying. Catalyst Plus is there if your business is not growing how you want it to. 

We don't advocate growth for growth's sake. Instead, we advocate growth that meet your goals both business and personal. 

We start with an initial assessment of your business with a comprehensive questionnaire and book a discovery call. 

Then, we plan either a half day or full day workshop away from your business where we gather all the gory details to figure out where you want to go. 

Our 90 day bootcamp has an online component where our training of core business concepts are explained. 

From there, we follow you and your team through the process to implement new habits, automated systems and manage change to setup your foundations in the next 90 days.  

We're more than your typical accountant. Yes, I also have a team that does all things calculator

We're a business advisor who looks at soft and hard skills of business to improve your growth in 3 months... Guaranteed.

Take your business to new heights.

Catalyst Plus is there to help your business climb the ladder of success. Get your free consultation to see how you and your team can start growing.



Interested in our services? Have questions? Lookingn to grow your own leadership skills, team, and business? Vertical is there to help your business climb the ladder of success.  

Drop us a message, and we'll be in touch within 1-3 business days.